5 bad actions for health according to oriental philosophies

5 bad actions for health according to oriental philosophies

Virtually all the medicines in the world agree that health and illness are very much related to lifestyle. This is particularly the case with our way of eating and spending energy. These two aspects are fundamental in the oriental medicines that present the bad actions for the health.

Although we have the habit of talking about mind and body as two separate realities, we know that they are one unit. What is bad for the mind ends up having effects on the body and what affects the body also ends up having a negative influence on the mind.

"The doctor who treats when an illness appears is mediocre, the one who does it when the first symptoms appear is acceptable, but the one who does it before they appear is excellent."


The lifestyle is almost totally dependent on our spirit. Each of us decides to maintain certain habits or to avoid them. Lifestyle helps the body but also helps to hurt it. This is a clear example of the correlation between mind and body. According to the Orientals, the following five actions are bad for health. So these are the wrong decisions that end up hurting our organization.

1. Consume foods that are not adapted to our needs

Sometimes we talk about self-knowledge. This supposes that our diet corresponds exclusively to our internal world. To know ourselves means to be able to identify our personality traits and to predict how to behave. This, if we forget that self-knowledge also refers to the body.

Although each society has average eating habits based on the most available products; the food remains something very personal. Each person has different nutritional needs. Sometimes we forget about it and we associate ourselves with the habits of the majority. It ends up being a bad action for our health.

2. Spend more energy than rebuilding

This point is related to the previous one. The amount and frequency of eating are closely associated with our lifestyle. Especially with the amount of energy we spend.

The Orientals say that one of the bad things for health is precisely that of spending more energy than the one that is being reconstituted. In modern life, this is seen especially with the first dish of the day. Usually we do a lot of activities during the morning. However, many people do not pay attention to their breakfast. It ends up affecting the body but also the mind.

3. Ingesting too much bitter flavors

Bitterness is one of five basic flavors. Generally, it is an acquired taste because it is the most unpleasant for almost all people. Most chemicals have a bitter taste. The Orientals think that all bitterness creates some harmful addiction.

In oriental medicine, bitter foods are said to stimulate the digestive functions. This is why they must be included in the plans. However, when they are ingested in excess, they create certain problems such as anxiety, stress or kidney problems.

4. Do not maintain an adequate temperature

For the Orientals, body temperature is a very important indicator. An adequate body temperature is a sign of good health. There are foods that cool the body and others that warm it. In general, raw foods carry cold and prepared foods carry heat.

When a person is excessively anxious, she tends to keep her body cold. This causes her to feel frail, more anxiety and a feeling of worry. Aggressive people, on the contrary, usually have a high body temperature. Lowering this temperature through the diet will help them feel calmer.

5. Excess food or drinks

This is the opposite case of the action of "to spend more energy than that which is reconstituted". It is also a bad action for health. All excesses have inappropriate effects on the body and mind.

The Orientals think that when someone eats or drinks excessively, it means he has not received the nutrients he needs. For that, the feeling of hunger does not disappear and the person claims to calm it by ingesting more food. The solution lies in detecting missing nutrients in the diet.

In the same way as Hippocrates, the father of allopathic medicine, the Orientals think that good health depends mainly on how we feed ourselves. Let's be aware of this and it will allow us to have a healthier and more balanced life.

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