5 advantages of walking

5 advantages of walking

The importance of physical exercise for our health is evident today.Staying active is one of the keys to our well-being, both physical and emotional.However, joining a gym or starting to practice a sport is time and effort for many people.

Thewalking can become one of the best alternatives for someone looking for an activity with these features. This simple exercise is, because of its many benefits, a very effective way to improve our health and well-being. You will learn below why walking can become your best ally.

What are the benefits of walking?

Although walking is not as widely advertised as other types of exercise, it is nevertheless a very valid option to give a little dynamism to our body.If you do not like gyms, get tired of yoga classes … but want to incorporate the benefits of exercise into your life, you'll discover how walking can help you.

1- It's easy to achieve

One of the biggest benefits of walking is that it is very easy to perform. We do not need any specialized equipment to do it. The lack of money ceases to be an obstacle. Walking can also adapt to any moment of our routine. It is therefore a valid exercise for people with limited time.

So it becomes very easy to make walking a healthy habit. It is much more likely thatyou then took pleasure in exercising. It could even, because of you being in better shape, encourage you to try other types of exercises.

2- It helps to lose fat

Most people associate weight loss with strenuous exercise, such as running, swimming or cycling. Some research shows, however, thatwalking can be much more effective at burning fatthan other more intense exercises.

One of the main reasons for this is that although walking does not consume as many calories as other exercises, it also generates less hunger. Therefore, one of the main advantages of walking isit allows you to lose fat without your body later asking you to replace it.

3- It's good for the heart

Taking care of our cardiovascular health is essential to enjoy a long and trouble-free life. TheMost premature deaths in modern societies occur because of heart disease. We must therefore do our utmost to take care of this important organ.

Recent research suggests that one of the main advantages of walking is thatreduces blood pressure and triglycerides. Evidence suggests that it does it more effectively than other exercises, such asrunning or lift weights.

4- Walking is perfect for people in very poor physical condition

We all know that taking care of yourself is fundamental to feeling good emotionally. We sometimes neglect ourselves, however, so that our health deteriorates to such an extent that itmay be difficult to start exercising to resolve the situation.

Therefore, if you have a problem that prevents you from playing a more intense sport (such as a very big overweight or joint pain), walking can easily offer you all the benefits of exerciseand with little impact at the joint level.

5- It reduces inflammation

You surely know that physical health has a direct impact about our psychological well-being. Many people, however, do not always know one of the worst enemies of happiness: physical inflammation.

Inflammation is a state of our body that occurs when we constantly come in contact with things that it considers harmful.For example, alcohol, tobacco or certain types of food that can cause a state of inflammation.

The main problem with this phenomenon is that itis closely linked to depression and misfortune. We consider that one of the main causes of the epidemic of emotional distress in the Western world is precisely related to physical inflammation.

Fortunately, one of the major benefits of walking is that ithelps reduce this problem significantly. This, coupled with all the previous benefits, makes walking one of our best allies to make us feel happier.

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