4 wonderful principles of Mayan wisdom

4 wonderful principles of Mayan wisdom

Our ancestors left us fabulous teachings for us to apply on a daily basis.It is amazing how messages like those conveyed by Maya wisdom can still be followed today. These are wonderful millennial councils we can use to face difficult situations.

This culture stood out for its great wisdom. Even today, it is a source of inspiration.Thus, thanks to his legacy, we benefit from precious advice to face the circumstances of life. Because these great wise Mayans have given us ways to face life and achieve happiness and love.

There are four principles of Maya wisdom that can be applied in our daily lives.A wonderful way to face our troubles and to see life from another point of view. We will explain what these four agreements are about. You will then be free to apply them to your life!

"He who believes, creates, he who creates, does, he who does, transforms himself and transforms the society in which he lives."

Mayan proverb

Be impeccable with our words

Every message we transmit says a lot about who we are. It is therefore important to think before speaking in order to convey the right message.Even though it is difficult, the Mayas propose the following idea: being flawless with our words will help us to better bond with our self and others.

To better bond, we need to pay attention to what we say.In other words, we must be attentive to what we are going to convey and what we really want to say. On the other hand, it is important to know that by doing so, we will establish a coherence between what we think and what we say.

This principle is also a way of honoring our words and honoring ourselves.This is an important method that leads us to have a greater awareness and self-esteem. However, even if we are attentive to what we mean and how we say it, we must be aware of one thing: we can not always do it.

"Lower your guard! We are not perfect and we can turn every mistake into learning."

Nothing is personal

This is one of the other principles of Mayan wisdom.We must not take anything personally.Other people are free to do what they want and it does not have anything to do with us.

This principle invites us not to consider ourselves as the center of the universe.Otherwise, we would only analyze all situations and feel guilty or concerned by everything that happens. The fact that we consider ourselves the center of the world does not mean that we are.

In addition, each person acts in accordance with oneself.We must be concerned about our actions and not those of others. Even if they do something about us, their actions are their own reflection.When we stop taking things personally, we become able to see things from another point of view. Therefore, we grow as a person, through every learning.

Furthermore,everyone is responsible for his actions.So, if we focus on them, we can take better care of ourselves. And do not carry the weight of other people's situations that can hurt us. How much do you drag behind you? Do they belong to you or belong to others?

"To let it flow means to be surprised by what life brings to us, by taking advantage of everything and by learning more about it.The universe does not conspire against us".

Do not make assumptions

Not to make assumptions is another principle of Mayan wisdom.When we suppose, we give power to our erroneous beliefs. However, these generate malaise.The important thing is to be aware of what we can really know or not.

Everyone has their own vision of the truth. If you have any doubt, it is better to ask questions.What you think is perhaps wrong. The best thing to do is to rely on another person to find a common vision.

Keep one thing in mind:you will not always know what will happen.Let life take its course. The ability to let us be surprised helps us deal with problems more peacefully. Moreover, if this power is not in your hands, you will not be able to do anything. We are only hurting ourselves with our irrational visions of things. You can not control everything: the universe does not depend on you.

"Creating realities where there are none leads us to a certain malaise, do not hurt yourself, live with what you have in your hands."

Make the biggest effort

This principle is one that embraces all the principles of Mayan wisdom.If the three previous principles are respected, it will be easier to follow. To make the greatest effort, you must take into account the above principles.

When the Maya refer to the efforts, they do not mean that we have to fight until they can not do it anymore. For them, we must be aware of what we can give and achieve a balance.The principle is not to make little or much effort.If we do too much, we will end up exhausted. If we do not do enough, the result will be the same because it will lead us to frustration.

We must find the right measure.Become aware of who we are, how we relate to others and what we have to offer.By doing this, we develop self-knowledge and struggle as best we can, within our limits.

To take nothing personally, to assume nothing and to pass on what we want to say in a proper way will help us know how far we can fight. And in what situations to do it.Consider each experience as a window to knowledge, learn about yourself and your possibilities. We must know what our limits are.

The benefits of the principles of Mayan wisdom

The previously stated principles bring great benefits. Here are a few :

  • They improve our quality of life.They promote well-being through awareness and personal growth.
  • They promote assertive communication.Transmitting what we want to say adequately facilitates communication.
  • They facilitate authentic and strong relationships.They help us to become aware of what we can give.
  • They promote balance.By showing us what our limits are and how we can overcome obstacles.
  • They help us deal with problems.They promote decision-making based on our possibilities.

Mayan wisdom is an incredible way to face adversity and learn what life has to offer. By applying these principles, we can manage to free ourselves from certain problems. We can also promote transcendence in our relationships with ourselves and with others. This way of seeing life is an incomparable way of knowing yourself.

Anyone can use the principles of Mayan wisdom. They are a fantastic legacy that we can apply when we wish.Remember that having a more peaceful life depends only on you.Only you know who you are and how you act. Only you know the irrational beliefs you face.

"Nothing can blur the inner light."

-Maya Angelou-

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