4 values ​​that govern us but make us unhappy

4 values ​​that govern us but make us unhappy

Like it or not, we liveto onetimewhere humanistic values ​​have taken a back seat. Much of the world and life revolves around power and money. This is a logic against which there are many resistances but which nonetheless imposes the main values ​​that govern us.

We often accept this logic of the world todayas if it were the only possible one. It is not so.Although the values ​​that govern us are associated with production and trade, we can still criticize them and not let them completely determine our lives.

It's not that the values ​​that govern us are not important. It happens, however, thatif we accept them without arguing, considering them as something absolute, they end up limiting our lives and generate in us anguish and dissatisfaction. That's why it's important to identify them and not allow them to invade everything. Here are the main values ​​that govern us but make us unhappy.

1. Efficiency, one of the values ​​that govern us

One of the biggest demands in the world current is to be effective. We regularly receive messages inherent to the importance of achievements, the need to focus on our goals, success and similar ideas. It is very good. What is not, however, is to give undue importance to this value and that everything revolves around that.

The effectiveness is one of the values ​​that govern us. Indeed, it is a feature that facilitates the good development of the economy. Businesses want efficient people because it's more profitable. The efficiency also guarantees better professional performance and a privileged place in the system.

This does not mean, however, that the most important thing in humans is efficiency.We are not machines. PTherefore, depending on the circumstances, we are more or less effective. It gives us less value.

2. Productivity

Productivity is tied to the concrete results we are able to generate. We call productive one who is able to do a lot in a short time and who gets more money or profits for that. In other words, a productive person is someone "useful". This "utility" is, however, almost always linked to the economic domain.

We speak of "productive person", or "productive age", or "useful individual". We are not talking about the fact that the human being is much more than what he produces. That, as for efficiency, we are not machines to make money, or to increase that of others.To focus solely on this means that the only dimension that ultimately prevails is the economic and professional dimension. Happiness can never be reached.

3. The quantity

Current society is particularly obsessed with quantity. Everything is measured and the word "more" has for many become a religion. What has no limit is not measured in terms of dreams or ideals, but in terms of how much can be accumulated or produced. A good day is one in which we have "done a lot". A year is good when "a lot" of things has been achieved. A life is valid when "many" goals have been fulfilled.

What is the relevance of the quantity? In general, its value is mainly present in terms of economy and production. It is here that it becomes a values ​​that govern us. From a more humanistic point of view, quantity tends to conflict with quality.Many things are done, are accomplished, or accumulated, sacrificing the deep meaning of what is done, realized, or accumulated.

4. The speed

Speed ​​has become a goal in all areas.Making everything happen quickly is considered a sign of "what is right" or "what is effective". The idea is to be able to do more things in less time. That's why five minutes of break despair some people. Or are upset if they spend more time doing a task.

Speed ​​is another of the values ​​that govern us but do not lead us to well-being. As with quantity, speed makes the fast conflict with what is good. Not in all areas, of course. But in many important aspects.Those who are obsessed with speed lose that ability to enjoy every moment. They also have difficulty understanding the meaning of processes in which time offers an advantage.

Although all these values ​​that govern us are important to adapt to the world as it is today, itis important to digest their meaning and not passively accept them simply because it's about what culture imposes.

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