4 techniques for self-regulation of emotions

4 techniques for self-regulation of emotions

Different emotions are born for a specific reason and it is never good to hold them back, lock them up or give them free rein in the form of uncontrollable behavior. There are techniques for self-regulation of emotions, techniques that transform us into smarter beings.

One of the most difficult emotions to deal with is anger. It brings us indeed a huge dose of energy.Many people in this world become enraged and end up saying or doing something that hurts or hurts others. Fear can also take control, creating limits that hinder our growth or impoverish our quality of life.

It is therefore important to know the techniques of self-regulation of emotions.These are simple methods that allow us to better manage how we feeland to more easily reach a point of equilibrium between restraint and expression. Here are four.

"He who conquers others is strong, but he who conquers himself is powerful."

-Lao Tseu-

1. Vipassana, one of the techniques to self-regulate one's emotions

Vipassana is a meditation method based on self-observation. Vipassana means "to see things as they are".For the cultures of India, it is equivalent to a means to develop "the art of living". The technique consists, to sum it up simply, to spend time seeing oneself, as if one were looking from the outside.

The idea is to go to a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe deeply. To observe his breathing.We need to be aware of how air enters our body and comes out a little later. The next step would be to study each area of ​​our body to identify what we feel by mentally traversing them. The most appropriate is to perform this exercise every day for a few minutes. It helps to develop self control.

2. Virtual Environments

One of the other techniques for self-regulation of emotions is the use of virtual or imaginary environments.It consists in exposing you, in a simulated way, to different situations in which you feel particularly vulnerable.The next point is to evaluate the situations themselves and your feelings. Currently, some psychologists and institutes benefit from the technologies needed to reproduce situations digitally. This is not the only way, though.

When you do not have the technology you need, there's nothing better than using your imagination.You can draw or describe in words some of these situations in which you have no control.The idea is to identify what are the stimuli or moments that make you feel out of yourself. Then you must understand this emotion, its purpose and what could replace it or decrease it.

3. Art therapy

Art therapy is much more than a fashion or a trend. In reality, it has always existed but has just received the attention it deserves.It involves using the different arts as a means to express our emotions and achieve a greater emotional balance.It also helps to develop psychic conflicts and build new senses.

This is one of the most effective techniques for regulating emotions as itinvites us mainly to express them through a creative language. This simple fact already involves taking a step forward.Emotions must be thought of and challenged to be expressed through writing, painting, manual activities or any other form of art. If we practice this activity consistently, our self-control will grow.

4. Self-development

The lack of control over our emotions is often the result of lack of self-recognition and self-evaluation. We are tense because we ask ourselves too much or punish ourselves for our mistakes instead of focusing on our successes. This tension makes us too sensitive to certain elements like criticism, difference or requirement.

A good idea is to do a thorough evaluation every week or every month.In this case, it is not a question of identifying what we have not managed to do during the last week or the last month but quite the opposite.

The goal is to identify our successes and all the reasons we have to congratulate ourselves.This simple exercise will help us to reconcile with ourselves. This simple fact makes us smarter and helps us regulate our emotions.

Techniques to regulate emotions are not magic formulas. However,simply putting them into practice will lead to visible changes.Learning how to manage how we feel will help us live a more peaceful life.

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