4 attitudes we can adopt vis-à-vis the future

4 attitudes we can adopt vis-à-vis the future

There are different ways to apprehend life and for that we can adopt different attitudes towards the future. Since the future is what will happen, which has not happened yet, we do not know for sure what will happen. Guessing the future is therefore impossible, which can lead us to experiment with negative emotional states.

Normally, what is unknown to us generates in us fear, anxiety, uncertainty. The future, this great unknown, produces these sensations when we think of him. But the future is not only black, we can always go into action to try to improve it. If we can not predict it, we can nevertheless adopt a determined attitude that will help us to be ready to face the future.

Among the attitudes to adopt towards the future, four stand out. They broadly encompass the whole range of attitudes that we can adopt; all in a simple and graphic way. Although these attitudes tend to be used primarily to determine the behavior of leaders, they are in fact applicable to all. Here is the list:

  • 1) Attitude of the ostrich (passivity)
  • 2) Attitude of the firefighter (reactivity)
  • 3) Attitude of the insurer (pre-activity)
  • 4) Conspirator's Attitude (Proactivity)

The ostrich and passivity

Ostriches, despite popular beliefs, do not hide their heads in the ground when they feel in danger. The name of this attitude, however, is associated with this false belief. This attitude is based on passivity, on doing nothing. Austria's attitude consists in renouncing to see the world as it is to the point of allowing changes to be imposed, sometimes brutally.

This attitude is considered negative because it involves not being prepared for what might happen. However, it is not always bad. Doing nothing is a valid strategy that sometimes can be effective. On the other hand, this attitude presupposes a great deal of risk. If the future requires some changes in us, we may miss many opportunities by imitating ostriches.

Firefighter and responsiveness

Firefighters generally act when there is a fire. It is then too late to predict the event. This attitude towards the future is less passive than that of the ostrich and is to wait for fire to fight it. However, waiting until problems arise to solve them is a very risky attitude because sometimes it can be too late.

Reactive people usually act in response to stimulations, without thinking: action – reaction. Although this type of attitude is sometimes effective, especially when there is little time; precipitated reactions are generally misleading.

The insurer and the pre-activity

Insurers sell insurance that gives value to what we have in order to recover its economic value in case of a problem. This attitude towards the future goes beyond that of the firefighter. It anticipates the occurrence of a problem and makes sure not to lose everything in the event that this prediction is true.

The attitude of the insurer is considered to be pre-active. In this case, we anticipate everything that can happen before it happens. Although it is advisable to prepare for what might happen, this attitude also has a negative side. Fear can push us to be too pre-active, to insure everything, at a high price, when the probability of a negative event occurring is very low.

The conspirator and the proactivity

The conspirators are always on the alert. Any signal leads them to lose confidence and to develop complicated action plans that are not in line with reality. The attitude of the conspirator vis-à-vis the future is associated with proactivity. It is based on acting before something happens.

As for each of the attitudes mentioned above, it is endowed with something more. If we compare it with the pre-active attitude of making sure you are guaranteed not to lose everything in the event of an unforeseen event; the proactive attitude goes beyond trying to change the future. This attitude tries to intervene in order to adapt reality to our thoughts. If we are looking for a specific future, the proactive attitude is to do everything we can to make it happen.

After having deciphered all the possible attitudes towards the future, it is normal to favor the last two, for the pre-active vigilance of the insurer and for the proactive vigilance of the conspirator. It must actually have an attitude directed towards the anticipation of future threats and opportunities on the horizon in order to correct our routine without leaving our life trajectory.

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