31 tips of Tibetan wisdom

31 tips of Tibetan wisdom

What are we looking for in the world? Health, peace, money, love? The wisdom of the Tibetan monks gives us the answer: we seek satisfaction with ourselves in order to reach this pleasure with others.

Tibetan Buddhism has developed in the Himalayas, and has become of great importance in areas such as northern India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Thus, Tibetan sages give us some tips for a happier and more fulfilling life, which we will share with you in the following lines.

1- Speak slowly but think quickly.

2- Do not judge people by their family.

3- When you say "I love you", say it truly, with the heart and without being inertia.

4- When you say "I'm sorry," do it by looking at your interlocutor in the eye. It is necessary that he feel forgiveness.

5- Never laugh at other people's dreams or discourage them from pursuing them.

6- Give people more than they expect from you and do it with pleasure.

7- Always keep in mind your favorite poem or phrase that resonates within you.

8- Do not believe everything you hear, and do not spend all you have, sleep as if there was no tomorrow.

9- Great loves and great successes always involve great risks.

10- When you lose, try to learn the lesson.

11- Respect yourself, respect others and take responsibility for all your actions.

12- Do not let a little argument bruise a great friendship.

13- When you know that you have made a mistake do not try to hide it. On the contrary, face it and try to find a quick fix.

14- Spend each day at least a few minutes alone thinking about your actions.

15- You must remain open to change, but never leave out your values.

16- Sometimes silence is the best answer.

17- Read more books.

18- Trust the men, but always lock your door.

19- When you disagree with your loved ones, do not stir past events.

20- Read the people between the lines.

21- Share everything with children, especially your knowledge, because it's the only way to reach immortality.

22- Be nice to the earth. She gives you every day everything you need.

23- Never interrupt others when they praise someone.

24- Do not meddle in the affairs of others and do not give advice in vain.

25- Do not trust someone who kisses without closing their eyes.

26- Visit, at least once a year, a place you have never been to.

27- If you make more money than you need, use some to help others.

28- Always remember that all desires can not become reality.

29- Respect your elders, they went through where you have to cross today.

30- Judge your success by what you had to sacrifice to achieve it.

31- Your "I" is the end point of your journey, namely, to reach a deep understanding of your inner being.

Gabriel García Márquez said that wisdom comes to us too late. But perhaps wisdom comes early in life, but we do not know how to access it.

We spend half of our life trying to find answers for everything and get everything we want.

If we put these tips into practice and direct our actions, we will reach an inner tranquility that will greatly facilitate our lives.

We live in a world where there is no place for spirituality and to cultivate ourselves, so it is extremely important to explore. Searching in yourself is difficult, but it is worth it.

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