3 tips to be happy according to Eckhart Tolle

3 tips to be happy according to Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a German writer considered the most popular spiritual author in the United States for the magazine New York Times. In his works, we can find inspiring teachings about love, life or spirituality. All these themes are addressed in order to bring us closer to the state of well-being and happiness that we seek so much.

Acceptance, joy and enthusiasm are the three tips of Eckhart Tolle that would allow us to be happy. These three paths represent the direction taken by the consciousness to enable us to express ourselves. Thus, all that we do that does not emanate from his path will be the product of our ego and may leave room for some dysfunctions.

Tolle says he experienced a spiritual awakening at the age of 29, after suffering many periods of depression and being on the verge of suicide. In his essay The Power of the Present Moment, he stressed the importance of Awareness of the present moment to be happy and not get lost in the traps of thought. According to him, the present is the gateway to a feeling of peace.

The mind is an excellent instrument if used correctly. If it is used in the wrong way, it becomes destructive. To express this more precisely, we can assert the fact that in general we do not use the mind in an absolute way. It's the spirit that uses us.

Is it possible to silence the voice of our head that speaks constantly?

Much of the suffering we experience is not necessary. Our expectations and inappropriate and repeated thoughts over time may end up hurting us. It is as if our mind recreates a distorted image of what is happening by acting in parallel fashion. In fact, if we become aware of this and do not change our mental patterns, we will eventually re-create the world once, then again.

Do you really want tips to be happy? If the answer is yes, start by knowing who owns the voice that you let speak in your mind. Is it yours or that of the primitive brain? Learn to go beyond your thoughts and question yourself. Is it essential to have a full life and enjoy well-being?

If your thoughts carry a burden of the past and you do not know how to get rid of it, you will have difficulty experiencing happiness because the past will continue to exist for lack of present. So stop and try to find out if these thoughts have an impact on what you are doing in the present.

The quality of our consciousness with acceptance, joy and enthusiasm is what gives rise to the quality of our thoughts. According to Eckhart Tolle, it is not enough to conquer our thoughts or listen to them. It's about giving them adequate importance to be happy.

Your thoughts are only beliefs … Only 20% of them will come true. So be able to go beyond, observe the reality and not let yourself be threatened by fears and fears disguised in your thoughts. Nothing that has happened in the past can stop you from being in the present. If the past can not stop you from experiencing the present, then what power does it have?

Analyze your life until this moment. Your life may be full of problems, the majority of lives are, but do you have a problem right now? Do you distinguish a problem in your life now?

Tips to be happy according to Eckhart Tolle

How to be happy? This question has invaded Eckhart Tolle for a long time. The sound of his mind increased to such levels of anxiety and anxiety that his mind eventually crumbled. The mental voice that obsessed him ended up shut up and his thoughts stopped making him suffer. The spaces of silence between his thoughts increased and peace and tranquility settled in his life bringing with them a new concept of joy.

His tools for achieving this state of well-being were:

  • A correct acceptance of himself and of life, without being driven by conformism
  • The proper interpretation of the joy in which all happiness must be born
  • An enthusiasm that made him understand that being alive is the greatest gift
To be happy according to Eckhart Tolle is nothing more than to understand that being alive is the greatest gift.

Finally, we can not forget that the most important to go through these three paths towards the awakening of happiness is the thread of the present. Because we can always face the present moment, but not that which is only a projection of our mind. For this reason, we can not face either the past or the future because these lands are the nutriment of misfortune. Motivate yourself to walk on the ground today!

Life will provide you with the most useful experience for the evolution of your consciousness. How will you know this is the experience you need? Just because it's the experience you're going through right now.

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