3 time thieves that you must avoid

3 time thieves that you must avoid

Time is one of the most precious resources we have and one of the greatest gifts we can offer to others. However, we can not do more or recover what we lost. It is precisely because of this that we must learn to value it as it deserves and an interesting measure to achieve this is to avoid time thieves.

The identity of these thieves is all these activities that take a lot of time, but in reality do not bring us anything. In fact, although very few in the past, they are extremely abundant today. The problem is that our mind is not ready to fight them constantly and it is very easy to fall into their clutches.

If we want to lead a busy life, it is essential to identify these time thieves to fight them in one way or another or at least avoid or limit them. Here are what are the most common and why they are so dangerous. Are you ready ?

Are time thieves so dangerous?

Most of the following activities are considered normal by the majority of the population. You may think it is an exaggeration to classify them as time thieves, but it is precisely because of their subtlety and dull action that they are dangerous. They occupy a large part of our lives, we are scarcely aware of them and they contribute nothing or allow us to move towards our goals.

Let's see now the main time thieves of our life.

1- Browse social networks

Who did not feel they had lost track of time by opening Facebook or Twitter? Social network addiction is becoming a real problem in civilized societies. We spend more and more hours per day online, to look at our phones instead of the world around us.

The main problem is that surfing social networks takes away energy for everything else. According to some studies, spending too much time on these portals would have a direct effect on certain areas of the brain. This is the case, for example, of the ventral tegmental area, one of those responsible for motivation and mood.

So, Excess information and the stimulation of social networks would make us less sensitive to other positive stimuli. The idea is that the more time we spend surfing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the more it would cost us to be motivated by real life activities or events.

2- Watching television series

Have you already opened Netflix with the idea of ​​watching only one episode, and this little episode has turned into a full season? This is the main danger of one of the most common time thieves of our time, television series.

It is us very difficult to control us not to consume an episode after another of a story that pleases us. It is very difficult for our brain to control the bombardment of stimuli around us today. Therefore, even if we can see more than one or two episodes, our energy will decrease.

3- To worry too much

The last of the time thieves we are going to see is not related to technology, but to our own mind. However, it's one of the most dangerous. Thinking a lot about our problems, all we get is to increase our anxiety and feel bad about ourselves. In the meantime, the tasks we have to accomplish will continue to be abandoned.

Excessive anxiety can push us toward procrastination. This is due to a phenomenon called "paralysis by analysis". Faced with a problem that we do not know how to treat, we spend so much time thinking about possible solutions that we do nothing.

For this reason, worrying for hours and hours is never an effective strategy for solving a problem. The next time you fall into this time thief, try to start acting even if you do not know all the answers or cut the cycle of thinking by focusing your attention on other issues.

What to deal with these time thieves?

As you can see, the negative effects of these three activities are very similar: the loss of motivation, the will and the notion of time. Fortunately, the solution is also very simple.

If you want, you can fight the worst consequences of these time thieves. The best measure is to limit the time you spend on each of these activities. To do this, simply put a timer to know when a specific period has elapsed before returning. You mark this period: the good thing is that it does not condition the whole day.

There is nothing wrong with watching a series or immersing yourself in social networks in a controlled and programmed way. The problem occurs when these activities cause us to be late for appointments, disconnect from conversations, or reduce our productivity. On the other hand, remember that anxiety is a facilitator of this type of activity, just like attacking the refrigerator.

So, when you become very anxious about a problem, instead of getting carried away by it, postpone the problem until "the hour of worry of the day". In doing so, you will find that these negative emotions interfere less with your daily tasks.

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