3 steps to get out of a mental storm

3 steps to get out of a mental storm

A mental storm is that state in which many negative ideas appear at the same time. Its strength is such that it blocks us. It's as if the direction to follow disappeared suddenly. We are completely overcome with pessimistic, discouraging, irritating and depressing thoughts.

The mental storm can sometimes appear after a very strong experience. A referral, emotional breakdown or disappointment, for example.This also happens after a long season during which we "resisted" circumstancesadverse. We do not feel comfortable with the life we ​​lead and comes a time when aclick who unleashes everything.

” The crisis occurs when the old is not dying and the new is not born. “

-Bertolt Brecht-

This is a state in which pessimism take hold of us and we do not want to go forward. We refuse everything and stay there, nothing more. It is normal to succumb to a mental storm at some point in our lives. If this happens, there are three steps that can help us get out. Deepen.

1. Observe the mental storm and calm down

Think of a strong meteorological storm. When that happens, we are looking for shelter because it is an impossible phenomenon to control. When we find a safe place we often look at it. We are in the storm, but it's like we see it from the outside.

The same should be done with a mental storm.The first thing is to find this safe place in ourselves, like a state of serenity. We must breathe deeply for about 15 minutes. If possible, take a short walk, taking care to breathe slowly.

The next step is to take note of everything that happens. What are these ideasthat come to mind during the mental storm?Write them down. Make a list, but without thinking about it. Just point them, as if we were dictating. There is nothing else to do now.

2. Examine the options you have

Once you have calmed down and you have in front of you a list containing all the panorama that you see, it is advisable to start looking for the light between the clouds.Do not think of getting out of the mental storm yet. Observe if there is a way, a way out of this state.

In other words, it is desirable to think of the existence of an alternative in order to feel better.The question you need to ask yourself is: what can I do to improve this moment?Concentrate on this alone. On the present moment, on the here and now. Do not discuss medium and long term solutions.

What you need is not to solve all your problems. You must instead find a way out of this mental storm. What do you need and want? From a hug? To listen to a song that motivates you? To exercise a little? To eat something you like? All that satisfies you is valid.

3. Get to work

When you have detected what can comfort you at this moment, do not wait. Do it.Do what you have to do and do it right away. You will feel worse and worse if you do not stop a mental storm in time. In addition, it will be more difficult for you to leave if you leave a lot of time. Therefore, you simply have to act.

A small collapse occurs in our thoughts and emotions during a mental storm. We stop seeing reality as it is and distort the panorama. Everything seems much more serious and difficult in this state. The world is not so, however. We perceive it this way because we are in circumstances that deprive us of impartiality. Because we are inundated with fears and expectations.

That's why it's important to get out of the mental storm as soon as possible.We must regain serenity and regain control. Do not think of anything else in times like this. Just refocus on yourself. Leave the rest aside. Your mind and your heart are asking you to take a break to recompose what is happening. Listen to this voice that suggests it to you. Calm always comes after the storm. You will be able to see everything differently.

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