3 qualities of water according to the Tao that we should all know

3 qualities of water according to the Tao that we should all know

"Be like water, my friend, be like the water that flows and never stagnates.Bruce Lee's famous commentary on the process of self-realization actually summarizes one of the three qualities of Tao water, extracted from Lao Tzu's poetry. The wisdom contained in this text is a source of inspiration these days.

The concept of liquid society was brought to us by the famous philosopher Zygmunt Bauman more than 10 years ago.Through the latter, he defined a modernity with inconstant values, changing patterns and social structures and realities marked by uncertainty. Faced with this panorama so fluctuating, where it is very difficult to stick to something, the only solid thing is none other than our fears. And that is a paradox.

"Supreme goodness is like water

who favors everything and does not compete with anything.

By occupying the position despised by every human,

she is very close to the Tao.

His position is favorable.

His heart is deep.

His gift is generous.

His word is faithful.

His government is in perfect order.

She fulfills her task.

She's acting.

By not competing with anyone, she is irreproachable. "

-Lao Tseu-

We live in a world where few things are characterized by stability. We are being asked for agility and flexibility to adapt to every change, professional changes, political fluctuations, new social demands, variations in how we relate to each other. In the midst of these dynamics, it is normal to feel some anxiety and insecurity. This is why intellectual references from the Eastern world, such asRaymond Tang, a lecturer and professor at Guangzhou University, invites us to get to know the Tao philosophy a little better.

In this context,we are taught to keep calm in the midst of chaos.To achieve temperance and safety in the midst of this liquid uncertainty.

1. Qualities of water according to the Tao: humility

The first quality of water according to the Tao is humility. It is possible that, at first, it is a little difficult for us to establish a relationship between a psychological dimension and an aquatic element. However, this relationship does exist and is truly inspiring.Water flowing through a peaceful, placid and harmonious river nourishes nature.

When it is normal, it reaches the shores, feeds the animals, and promotes that ideal balance for everything to work. On the other hand,when the river becomes arrogant and when its flow is more powerful, everything changes.The strength of its torrent is wreaking havoc. She returns the earth, destroys the environments and affects all living beings.

We must integrate this quality of water characterized by tranquility and humility. Whoever knows each other well and does not pretend to be someone elsealways prefer calm to violence. And even if it sometimes drifts in the depths of its being for external reasons, it still resumes its normal course.Serenity will always be chosen to promote a natural balance.

2. Water is attentive to opportunities

In the midst of difficulties, there is always a corner lit by the glow of opportunity.It does not matter if our environment is agitated, if we are undergoing changes or pressures, or if a wall suddenly rises up in front of us to prevent us from moving forward. Let's be like water. Let us find this flaw, this weakness in the face of our opponent or this particular difficulty and take the path that opens with new opportunities.

Among the qualities of water according to the Tao, we find the one that reminds us that this vital substance is extremely skilful. When something is limited or when an obstacle arises to prevent it from flowing, the water will not hesitate to do two things:apply relentless force to recover his freedomand find the weak point of this wall to defeat him.

Let's not forget that, in a way, water is a great opportunist.She never hesitates to change shape, place or position to keep moving forward.As soon as she sees the slightest chance of making her way where she wants to, she does it.

3. Change, an option to achieve without fear

Few elements are as inspiring and open to change as water.Think of the following: when temperatures are extreme, it can turn into ice or steam. She will not hesitate to change her form depending on where she is.It will turn into glass when it is contained in one of them, it will be insignificant if it gets stuck in the crack of a rock, it will recover its immensity if it returns to the ocean and take the form of a food if a living being is thirsty and in need of it.

Water has power and character.She knows and understands that there is nothing more important than making changes when it becomes necessary. The environment and nature are often hostile and those who do not adapt to it do not survive. Accepting these principles that Tao's water qualities convey to us can inspire us and help us in many ways.

Albert Ellis, a psychotherapist known for developing rational emotional-behavioral therapy, once said that a monster was chasing us every day.A recurring monster, which completely hinders our happiness. It is the eternal idea that the world must be easy. We know it is not, but we continue to suffer with every difficulty, every stone on the path, every impromptu change.

Let's be like water. Bruce Lee has already told us but we do not limit ourselves to seeing these qualities of water according to the Tao as a beautiful and simple metaphor.In the end, we are part of nature.And nature is the very expression of the Tao.

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