3 mental training exercises that will make you happy

3 mental training exercises that will make you happy

Can we be happy doing mental training exercises? Good news, the answer is yes! In recent decades of research in the field of positive psychology, it has been revealed that training our brains is not only possible. In fact, it can actually change its functionality by improving brain plasticity, increasing gray matter, and strengthening neural networks.

Thus, in the same way that there are different types of exercises aimed at stimulating muscle groups and physical qualities, there are mental training exercises. You can intentionally develop a set of skills that will improve your overall sense of well-being and happiness.

But, why is it necessary to train the brain for happiness? The answer is simple. Images of the cerebral cortex demonstrate that the brain produces more electrical activity after negative stimulations. The brain is therefore used to staying focused on the negative in order to set up a fight or flight response.

To cancel the negative answer in times when it is not adapted, we can train our mental abilities. One of the best ways to do this is to use positive thinking exercises. If the practice of positive thinking becomes something usual, we will experience positive transformations in almost every area of ​​life.

In this article, you will discover different exercises that will help you train your brain to happiness and success.

Praise gratitude

Human nature has a habit of thinking about what will happen next, of thinking about the next goal. This illusion allows us to move forward and have the strength to move forward. However, all of this loses its power to make us happy when we forget to be grateful for that.

Practicing gratitude has a very powerful effect because it is a reminder of the things we already have. In addition, this attitude can underline a message: we do not need as much as we believe.

Gratitude is associated with the different physical and psychological benefits included in happiness. So, mention why you are grateful, write a gratitude journal before falling asleep, and do not forget to say thank you every day. This gives your brain the ability to focus on the positive: it becomes harder to ignore. This could be the simplest but also the most effective way to increase well-being.

Breathe consciously

Breathing has an incredible effect when we take control. In many cases, we ignore the power of our breathing as a tranquilizer or stress reliever. Anger, anxiety, fear, stress and tension almost automatically contribute to shallow breathing.

All you need is five minutes to breathe, paying attention. If you are anxious, sad, tormented, give yourself several five-minute breaks during the day to focus on your breathing. This is the starting point of a meditation exercise.

"Life is not waiting for you anywhere, it's going on, it's not in the future as an objective to be reached, it's here and now, right now, in your breathing, your blood circulation, your beats No matter who you are, it's your life and if you start looking for answers elsewhere, you'll lose it. "


Smile first

Numerous studies show that smile, in a natural way or by doing the gesture consciously, produces "happiness" in the brain and body. This is the case because when you smile you send to your brain the message associated with the smile, regardless of how you smile.

In fact, it should be emphasized the results of a 30-year longitudinal study conducted at the University of California-Berkeley in which the researchers examined students' smiles in an old yearbook and measured their well-being and success.

The researchers studied the satisfaction and durability of their couples, reviewed their score after a standard wellness test, and analyzed their ability to be inspiring. Those who smiled the most on the phonebook shot got a higher score for all the above mentioned parameters.

In reality, smiling is very simple. On the one hand, give yourself the opportunity to laugh and smile daily by seeing things that please you, visiting the people you love to see, reading fun things, and so on.On the other hand, remember to "take" your smile and take it for a walk. Smile by greeting, say thank you with a smile, use your smile as the first means of contact with others … It's easy, entertaining and rewarding. It makes you happy, but also the one who receives your smile.

The power of a smile

Discover the incredible power of laughter and its ability to make us feel better in seconds. Smile, the result will be immediate! Learn more
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