3 keys to develop emotional awareness

3 keys to develop emotional awareness

Developing our emotional awareness means increasing our ability to recognize the patterns that our emotions adjust to.In other words, it's about identifying the factors that activate our emotions, the way they do it and the consequences of that activation.

The human being follows more or less stable lines of action throughout his life. However, change is also a constant.Our emotions are always moving. We are not passive beings in the face of external events:that's why we maintain a great internal dynamic. Developing emotional awareness is also a way to detect these changes.

"The conscience is the voice of the soul, the passions, that of the body."

-William Shakespeare-

The ultimate goal is to stop being passive spectators in the face of what is happening in our inner world.No emotion occurs or dissipates by chance. If we are able to identify what we are feeling and anticipate how it may affect us, we will surely develop much more adaptive behaviors. Here are three keys to developing emotional awareness.

1. Review of motivations

One of the exercises that helps us most in developing emotional awareness is to do a frequent review of our motivations.Motivation is the force that drives us to act in a certain direction.Psychoanalysis, like other contemporary currents, has shown us that, very often, we do not know our real motivations.

We sometimes follow the deepest desires of our being. So we act accordingly and that gives us a certain balance.Other times, on the other hand, we do not know why we choose one option or another. Or we think of one way and act of another.Or we feel dissatisfied with what we are doing, without knowing exactly why.

An examination of motivations allows us to explore precisely those forces that impel us to act.Is it will or fear? A decision or a habit? Frustration, anger or any other emotion? Studying these motivations leads us to develop emotional awareness.

2. An understanding of the use of time, a key to developing emotional awareness

One of the most telling parts of our emotional world is the distribution of the time we do.This is an abstract category that offers valuable insights for understanding our psychological reality. By analyzing how we manage our time, we will develop emotional awareness.

It is particularly important to observe if certain elements are present in this time management. Elements likeprocrastination, the feeling of lack of time and a perception of slowness in its course.Each of these states tells us about concrete emotional situations.

Procrastination tells us about insecurity and lack of commitment; it can also sometimes signal an unconscious rejection of what is being postponed.The feeling of lack of time reveals obsessions and anxiety. The slowness of time suggests the presence of melancholy. Therefore, analyzing our perception and our time management is an infinite source of information to know us.

3. Regulate the emotional tone

One of the factors that helps us develop emotional awareness is the identification of the most intense emotions we experience frequently.In our way of being, some emotions are stronger than others. For example, some spend their time being angry. Others tend to laugh at everything. Or to feel slaughtered. The prevailing emotion is what gives a particular emotional tone to each of us.

Often, we "marry" exclusively with one of these emotional dimensions. We build an explosive, passive, fearful or chronically sympathetic personality and we keep it forever. Without realizing it, we forget how to feel differently.We become accustomed to these predominant emotions and end up making them the axis of our way of being.

To develop emotional awareness,it is advisable to learn to regulate the emotional tone. To set certain limits to these predominant emotionsand let others emerge. It is a way to explore other facets of our being and to allow other sensations and emotions to emerge. This allows us to be more aware of everything in us.

The development of emotional awareness gives us greater clarity in acting.It gives our actions a more authentic meaning.It is, without a doubt, one of those tasks that leads to a fuller life and a healthier personality.

Emotional awareness: what is it, and why do we need it?

Let's find out what emotional awareness is and learn to develop it to have greater control of our reality. Learn more
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