3 films for self-discovery

3 films for self-discovery

Who today does not spend much of his time watching shows or movies? Watching stories told on the small or the big screen is one of our favorite hobbies. However, most oftenthis only leads to a moment of pleasure or entertainment.

The good news is that things can be different. Depending on what you see or the breadth of your analytical mind, you will be able to reflect or learn from what will be useful later. This is precisely what we are looking for withthis list of movies for self-discovery.

A good movie is indeed able to motivate us, to inspire us and to push us to change. Therefore, the next time you dive under your blanket to see one, the titles we will give you may allow you to learn a lot about yourself.

List of films for self-discovery

1. Yes Man

Jim Carrey, an actor who is characterized by his comic roles and without too much depth, interprets the main character of this filmwhich motivates us because of its many facets.Carl, his character, is depressed because he leads a life that does not please him. He is stuck in his job, his wife left him for another man and he spends his nights alone watching television.

However, all this changes when he almost goes by obligation to a personal development seminar. He establishes a "pact with the Universe"which forces him to say yes to all the opportunities that come his way.From that moment, his life will completely change.

Yes Man is at the top of our list of movies for self-discovery becauseit reminds us of the importance of risk taking and action.The character is in a situation that we can all understand. We also see how this posture leads him to challenges and adventures he never imagined before.

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter is the typical man to whom no one would ever pay attention. He leads a life anchored in monotony, with a job that he likes but does not stimulate much. To avoid being bored,he frequently imagines situations in which he becomes the hero of a story.But it is only imagination, he does not see any of these situations in reality.

Suddenly, a problem in his work pushes him to take risks andhe undertakes an incredible journey to different parts of the world to save the magazine for which he works.Thus, he passes from the innocent and frustrated man to a man who travels the world and faces a lot of difficulties. During this process, he also ends up with great self-confidence and returns home completely changed.

The Secret Life of Walter Mittyis a film that is a good starting point for personal reflection.The feeling that this character conveys to us is automatically familiar to us. Who has not dreamed of being able to live adventures and free yourself from the routine? Through his journey and the incredible landscapes he shows, it is almost impossible not to feel this momentum, this spark and not want to change our own history.

3. Into the Wild

We are completing our self-discovery film list with one of the most inspiring titles in film history. InInto the Wild,we follow in the footsteps of Christopher McCandless, a young man who grew up under the watchful eyes of his parents. His family is putting pressure on him to study at a prestigious university. After graduating,he decides that the life for which he always prepared himself is not made for him.

With a backpack and a little money aside, the young man embarks on an epic journey that will take him to the depths of Alaska. On his way,he will meet a multitude of people and will live different situationsthat will help him grow as a person and discover who he really is.

It is not a coincidenceInto the Wildbecamea cult film for people of all ages.Nor is it a coincidence that we include it in our list of films for self-discovery. The plot is full of emotions, positive and negative. McCandless's journey is filmed with such splendor that he is able to generate an infinite universe of sensations that leaves no room for indifference. It is an attack of mediocrity and conformism that can give you the motivation you need if you are thinking about making changes in your life.

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