3 factors that end the love of couple

3 factors that end the love of couple

The love between a man and a woman remains a mystery, even if it has been studied by scientists and analyzed by philosophers. Therefore, we now know better why it arises, and also what are the factors that end the love of marriage.

The couple is much more unstable today than it has been in the past, which has its pros and cons. The greatest freedom to make and break the bond that unites a man and a woman is a conquest against the hypocrisy or fatalism that reigned then. At the same time, the ability to take on and get out of conflict has greatly diminished. The result is that loneliness is becoming increasingly important.

The ideal is to succeed in building couples that last. Who know how to abandon the impulses of the first days and who can advance together, forming a solid bond. This is why it is necessary to examine these factors that end the love of couples, so that we can intervene effectively before this end occurs.

"When someone you love leaves you, you try to stop him with your hands, and you also hope to be able to catch his heart, but it is not so.The heart has legs that you do not see. . "

-Federico Moccia-

1. Bad communication

Knowing how to communicate with others is not always finding new topics of conversation or sharing fun jokes. The truth is much simpler than that: to be able to communicate well is simply to know how to say, with respect, what we feel when we want to do it. Communicating poorly, however, is a very complicated exercise. Lying, keeping or mistreating will always be more difficult. It requires physical energy as well as a greater emotional and intellectual effort.

One of the factors that end couples' love is to adopt false communication patternswhen you want to say one thing, but you say another, when with the words you express something, but with your gestures and your tone, you transmit a different message, or when the The goal is not to communicate, but to manipulate.

The conversation in the couple is fundamental. The injuries that are caused by what is sometimes said never end up closing up on their own. To prevent bad communication is one of the factors that end the love of couples, the first thing to do is to know how to communicate well with oneself. Understand what you feel, what you want and know how to express it.

2. The monotony

Life, whether alone or as a couple, includes moments of boredom and routine that are sometimes uninteresting. Nobody, or at least almost nobody, manages to live constantly as if he were at a party or if he was experiencing a fabulous adventure. Boredom exists, and probably no one can escape it, as interesting as life can be.

That being said, it should also be noted that sometimes we end up immersed in circumstances that visibly make us stagnate. This leads to a routine that results in oppressive and to which it seems impossible to escape. Imperceptibly, life becomes an eternal repetition. There is no room for novelty or change.

It's this type of monotony that ends the love of couples, so that the routine ends up making us insensitive. Our feelings fall asleep, at first, then end up fainting. In these cases, the likelihood of ending the relationship or starting another in parallel increases.

3. Idealization when we fall in love

In itself, it is not one of the factors that end the love of the couple. We are talking here about a point of inflection in the relationship. In these critical times, both members of the couple must negotiate with each other and adapt so that cohabitation does not become an agent that erodes the relationship.

When we fall in love, we are filled with unusual enthusiasm and we idealize each other. We lose the critical sense, depending on the intensity of the feeling. We do not see reality as it is, but we put a kaleidoscopic veil before our eyes. We are talking here about the idealization, the love that we feel for an image that looks like the other, but which in reality is not the other.

After a certain time, more or less brief, this deformation usually disappears. It is then that, if all goes well, tenderness and complicity end up being the strongest glue of the relationship. On the other hand, sometimes the disillusionment that invades us when we finally see the reality as it is is so great that while in our eyes the other had only qualities, we find him now the most unbearable faults in the world. From there, the relationship will come out strengthened or broken.

The list of factors that put an end to the love of couple that we presented to you in this article is not exhaustive. However, she enumerates the most recurring ones. It is worth thinking about and to act in time to give our bonds greater quality and to achieve more stable relationships.

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