3 easy ways to take care of yourself

3 easy ways to take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself may not be in your list of priorities right now, but it should be. You may want it but have too much to do and think … No way to "waste time"! Work, studies, the couple, the family … Here are obligations and responsibilities that occupy your time and that relegate you to the background. Taking care of yourself seems selfish …

But taking care of yourself is not only a good thing: it is also an act more than necessary. It's not about making a whim for no reason but taking care of yourself, taking care of yourself, valuing yourself … You do not have to do much to achieve it. Very often, simple details bring a large dose of well-being. If you pay attention to others, if you dedicate your time to them, why not do it with yourself?

"The biggest craziness is to sacrifice one's health for any other kind of happiness."

-Arthur Schopenhauer-

Do you have time to take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself means paying attention to your mental, physical and spiritual health.It's not about making a whim or spending a huge amount of money. And even less to reserve your time for things that are harmful to your health (like smoking or consuming a harmful substance because it makes you feel better on the spot).

"Health is our greatest possession, joy is our greatest treasure and trust is our best friend."

-Lao Tseu-

We offer you some suggestions for you to take care of yourself.Realize these small actions will be like swallowing a capsule of happiness:it will be a very healthy little pleasure for your whole being. Its effects may not last long but they will be enough to recharge and allow you to move forward.

Ask yourself how you are going

How are you going to take care of yourself if you do not wonder how you are going?Scanning yourself emotionally is fundamental to knowing what you need.

You ask the people around you, do not you? So do it with you too.Be sincere with yourself.Turn off the autopilot that you're used to and talk about how you feel. This is the first step to start taking care of yourself. Only by knowing how you are going can you put some actions in place to feel better.

Treat yourself to a self-massage

Self-massages are a good alternative to massages. You can offer them at any time and, moreover, they can provide you with multiple benefits.

You can find, on the Internet, hundreds of videos that will allow you to learn how tomassage different parts of your body to relieve small tensions.But beware, if you have a lesion, you should go see a specialist. A self-massage is only recommended to relieve tension and relax.

You can also buy different deviceswhich will relieve you and make you feel good.You have different options, like electronic devices to receive massages in the back or feet or simple accessories to complete and improve these massages.

What if you took a real bath?

The haste and the tensions of the everyday force us to cross the bathroom while flying to make our daily toilet.Spending a little more time also brings many benefits.In fact, we can turn this into a ritual to relieve all our stress.

Fill the tub, add bath salts, oils or any other relaxing product and enjoya moment of relaxation with your favorite music or in the most complete silence. Use it to moisturize your skin and hair and for anything else that makes you feel better about yourself.

This moment is not just a cosmetic care.It is a mental and spiritual scrub.A reconnection with yourself, with your needs.

Reading: an essential point

You may never have thought about it, but in the course of a day you read a lot. Working documents, e-mails, manuals, cooking recipes, personal development books, etc. This is whythat many people do not consider reading as a form of personal care. But it is.

Reading is one of those great pleasures that helps you to travel, to live another reality, to transport you to another place, to know other people …Choose the kind of fiction you prefer and let your mind fly away.

Reading allows your body and mind to rest.It helps you to get rid of tensions, to see things differently, to experience new experiences and, of course, to open your mind.

Do not feel guilty about taking care of yourself

True love begins with oneself.In fact, to stop taking care of yourself to care for others and hoping they will do the same for you is very selfish. Because if there is a person who knows you well, it's you.

Taking care of yourself so that others do not have to sacrifice for you is an act of love for them.

Offering you a little time on a daily basis will make you more available for everything around you.These small actions will recharge your batteries and you will have more energy to give time to others. They will free you from your stress and you will be much more productive in your work or in your studies.

Taking care of yourself and spending time will make you feel more satisfied and happy.So, what are you waiting for?

Self-care is a sign of freedom, according to Michel Foucault

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