25 sentences of the wonderful Mario Benedetti

25 sentences of the wonderful Mario Benedetti

The ample and incredible work that we bequeathed Mario Benedetti is a ladder to reach our dreams.

With his words, the Uruguayan writer takes us into a world of compassion and nostalgia that can only make us sigh. In this article, we share 25 spectacular sentences, a real pleasure for the senses:

1. Do not tempt me, if we try, we will never forget ourselves.

2. But ultimately, what is it We ? For now, at least, it is a kind of complicity with others, a shared secret, a unilateral pact. Of course it's not an adventure or a program, nor for anything in the world – a beginning of a relationship. However, it is beyond friendship. The worst (or perhaps the best?) Is that she is quite comfortable with this non-definition. She speaks to me with confidence, with humor, and I believe, with tenderness, even.

3. While we thought we had all the answers, all of the questions changed.

4. The butterfly will always remember that one day it was small.

5. After all, death is only the symptom of life.

6. In reason, only the doubts that have the key can enter.

7. The new man must protect himself from two dangers : from the right when she is clever, from the left when she is sinister.

8. Do not believe everything the world tells you (or even what I tell you), I already told you that the world is unbelievable.

9. Who would have said, the weak in reality never surrender.

10. There are few things as bewitching as silence.

11. I would like to watch everything from afar, but with you.

12. Do not surrender, please, do not give in, although the cold burns you, although fear bites you, although the sun is hiding and the wind is silent, there is always fire in the heart from your soul, there is always life in your dreams. Because this life is yours, and your desire too, because every day is a new beginning, because it's the time and the best moment, because you're not alone, because I love you !

13. I like people who vibrate, those who do not need to push, those who do not have to say what they have to do but who know what they have to do and who do it. People who cultivate their dreams until these dreams take hold of their own reality.

14. I like people who can understand that the biggest human error is trying to say with the head what does not go out of the heart.

15. We resigned ourselves to the unique and happy moment. We prefer to lose it, let it pass without making the slightest effort to seize it. We prefer to lose everything rather than to admit that this is the only possibility and that this possibility lasts only a minute, not a long and impeccable existence.

16. I love, love, love, love, love, love. If only it was not only the conjugation but a reality.

17. Five minutes are enough to dream a whole life, time is as relative as that.

18. I had never thought that in happiness there was so much sadness.

19. What a good insomnia if I stay awake on your body.

20. My strategy is that one day, I do not know how or with what pretext, you will end up needing me.

21. The glory is not to fall, but rather to get up whenever necessary.

22. Love is not a repetition. Each act of love is a cycle in itself, an orbit closed on its own ritual. That's, how could I explain it to you, a piece of life.

23. Perfection is a polite collection of errors.

24. If the heart is bored with loving, what is it for?

25. If everyone knew what he has so clearly that he knows what he is missing!

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