21 fantastic quotes from Jorge Luis Borges

21 fantastic quotes from Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges has left us many phrases and wonderful passages through his works. This Argentinean writer still leaves us speechless today and will of course continue to do so because his works are timeless.

Lover of the novel rather than the novel: "He did not like it, he said that in a novel, cups of tea, hats of young ladies or other things appeared for no reason to fill the space. as for it, is full of suspense, like an arrow which one draws and which must arrive in the mile ".

He did not fit in the mold of the moment, which prevented him from receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, although he deserved it greatly, according to many people.

One day a journalist asked him the following question: "What do you attribute to the fact that you have not been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?" To which the writer replied: "To Swedish wisdom". Once again he will say: "Do not give me the Nobel Prize has become a Scandinavian tradition: since I was born, they have never granted me".

We would like to share with you some of his phrases so that you can realize the greatness of this man through 21 wonderful quotes that reflect his fantastic ability to play with words and sensations:

1- I do not speak of revenge or forgiveness, oblivion is the only revenge and the only forgiveness.

2- I have committed the worst of sins that can be done. I was not happy.

3- There are losses that have more dignity than victory.

4- Of all the instruments of man, the most astonishing is, without a doubt, the book. The others are extensions of his body. The microscope and the telescope are extensions of his sight; the phone is an extension of his voice; we also have the plow and the sword, extensions of his arm. But the book is something else: the book is an extension of his memory and imagination.

5- All destinies, as long and complicated as they are, can be summed up in one thing only: the moment when man knows for ever who he is.

6- A man is great for what he reads, not for what hewritten.

7- He fell in love when he realized that the other person was unique.

8- Only what is left belongs to us.

9- I have sometimes suspected that the only thing without mystery was happiness, because it justifies itself.

10- Maybe when a man is in love, he is not mistaken. Maybe it's the people who do not like who are wrong.

11- I believe that with time we will deserve to have no governments.

12- I always felt that I liked something in Buenos Aires. This city pleased me so much that I refused to please others. A love so, jealous.

13- There is no more consolation than the thought that we have chosen our misfortunes.

14- Before, distances were greater because space was measured by time.

15- I have always imagined paradise as a sort of library.

16- I am alone and there is no one in the reflection of the mirror.

17- You are not ambitious: you are content to be happy.

18- I thinkOne should invent a game in which nobody wins.

20- The weight of the past is infinite.

21- Blindness is a form of loneliness.

His passion for the news gave birth to masterpieces in a genre that many abandoned when childhood was over. Here is a list of some of his most beautiful news:

1. The Aleph

2. The secret miracle

3. The circular ruins

4. Ulrica

5. Funes the "memorable"

6. The two kings and the two labyrinths

7. The house of Asterion

8. Brodie's report

9. The south

10. The man at the corner of the pink wall

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