2 keys to connect emotionally with others

2 keys to connect emotionally with others

Interpersonal relationships have the power to enrich our life experience. To get along well with others, to feel valued, to maintain special relationships … All these situations are part of what gives meaning to our existence. On the other hand, we are unfortunately not born knowing how to do it. For this reason, you will find in this articles some strategies to connect emotionally with others.

The fact of caring for the relationships that bind us to our dear ones is a skill that must be learned, learned. Contrary to what we can reveal at first, we can all become charismatic people. For that, if you have notice to improve in this area of ​​your life, keep reading: this article is for you.

1. Practice active listening

One of the keys to connecting emotionally with others is to make them feel listened to. In general, when we maintain a conversation, many distractors can put our attention to the test by moving away from the exchange. We can also be too busy thinking about what we are going to say next. Who did not that happen?

For it, paying attention to each other's words will allow you to take care of your connection. The key to achieving this goal is to focus on the present moment. Achieving this can sometimes be difficult, but practicing disciplines such as mindfulness can help us a lot. In addition to this, some actions can help you achieve this:

  • Avoid judging the other person
  • Do not interrupt unless it is necessary. If you cut the rhythm of a conversation, your interlocutor will have the feeling that what he tells you does not interest you. Also, when you intervene, try to avoid having too much speech
  • Instead of giving advice, it is better to listen. Often, when we give advice, we project our beliefs on another person

2. Change your body language

Some studies claim that body language conveys up to 80% of the information we communicate. Although this figure is not verified, it is clear that the fact of dominating our nonverbal expression is one of the best strategies for connecting emotionally with others.

Usually, we are not aware of what we do with our body when we participate in a conversation. Our attention is focused on what we say and forget about our body. However, if we give it a small portion of our attention, we will be able to apply the following principles.

Principles to apply when engaging in a conversation

  • Maintain a relaxed posture. If you are energized, your caller will detect it and feel uncomfortable. His mirror neurons will send him a message of imminent danger and it will be very difficult for him to open up emotionally to you.
  • Adopt an open body language. For the same reason, crossing your arms or turning your back on the other person proves that you are not comfortable with him. If you want to improve your connection, try to place your body as if you were talking to your childhood friend.
  • Have adequate eye contact The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of our body. Maintaining good eye contact can make the difference so that the other feels connected to us. To achieve this, the trick is this: look him in the eye when he speaks and for 80% of the time when you answer him. During only 20% of your answer you can look elsewhere.
  • Create a report. A very useful technique for creating an emotional connection with another person is to use the report. It consists of imitating one's body language in a subtle way. In this way, her brain will receive a safety message and she will know that she can trust you.

These two keys to connecting emotionally with others can help you take the path to mastering conversations. However, there are many others that may be useful to you. Research, test techniques and you will eventually find the tools that will connect you best with your way of being.

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