17 habits to strengthen the relationship with your children

17 habits to strengthen the relationship with your children

Part of your job as a parent is to guide your children and help them follow their daily routine.It often means setting boundaries, correcting behavior, rejecting requests, and telling them what to do. However, the relationship with your children is much bigger than this simple fact.

Educate your children does not mean taking them on a path that you deem correct.Creating positive interactions with them does not only improve their education and emotional growth: it also makes your educational work easier. Even if the proposals we are going to give you do not seem useful to you or seem to be a waste of time, know that this is not the case.

Surely you have already heard or read that hugging your children is very important. Virginia Satir says thatwe need four hugs a day to survive, eight to live and twelve to grow.This idea means everything.

Butdo hugs compensate for the bad times we spend with our children?Because yes, do not deny it, our days are full of bad moments, negative interactions that we can not always avoid or control.

Positive interactions for a healthy relationship with your children

We are looking for all these intimate moments with our children. Those who melt our hearts.The connection is as essential for parents as for children. When this relationship is strong, it is sublime. That's why all the sacrifices we make are worth it.

This connection is also the only reason why children voluntarily follow our rules.Children who really feel connected to their parents want to cooperate.When they trust us to be on their side and understand them, they are motivated to follow the standards we tell them.

Being a father or mother is not a simple thing. It has never been, but in our day things are even more complicated.As parents, we know that we need to give our children time. We must try to spend quality time with them.But does that make up for everything else? Yes it's possible.

Research has shown thatwe need at least five positive interactions for each negative interaction. And this in order to maintain a healthy and happy relationshipwho can overcome the usual conflicts and disturbances of everyday life. It is when the positive interactions become rare that the equilibrium is lost.

When the balance disappears, our children refuse to follow our advice or the standards we set.When the balance disappears, the attitude of our children changes.

We are so busy and have so much to do that a question arises inevitably:how are we going to find the time for these positive interactions with our children? How to restore balance? It is enough to acquire a series of simple habits and to integrate them into our daily routine.

Habits that strengthen the relationship with your children

You can do a lot of things to strengthen the relationship with your children.The key to making these positive interactions effective is to do them daily.Including them in your days will bring you a lot of benefits.

With these ideas, you will be able to compensate for bad times and have better days.By focusing on positive interactions, negative interactions will have less weight.What's more, by creating such habits, your children will cooperate more. They will bicker less and make efforts to follow your advice.

The key to strengthening the relationship with your children is to develop positive interactions on a daily basis.

1. Enjoy moments with your children each morning and individually.You do not need to talk: just hug yourself. Take them in your arms and kiss them. There is no better way to start the day!

2. Talk with your children at breakfast.Ask them what they will do today.Take an interest in their future activities.

3. Leave them little words of love: in their binder, between the pages of a notebook, on their desk …

4. Sing and / or dance with your childrenon their favorite songs.

5. Say goodbye with a kiss and a hug. Wish them a good day and remind them to have fun.

6. Greet them with a kiss and a hug. Ask them if everything went well at school or at their favorite activity.

7. Do not take care of your work when you are with your children.This includes calls, emails, social networks and instant messaging, among other things.

8. The small tantrums of your children are often signs of anxiety, no challenge. When this happens, relax and give up what you do to help your child.Help him get rid of his anger. Take him in his arms if he needs to cry and let him unload the full weight of his emotional bag. When ready, invite him to speak and listen to him.

9. Encourage him when facing a difficult task.Be attentive to his fears and tell him positive words.

10. Laugh with their jokes and jokes, even if they are simple. If the jokes are disrespectful, tell them all this is not funny.

11. Empathize the emotions of your children.You can set limits to their actions but not to their emotions. They are all acceptable. When you recognize the moods of your children, you reinforce the connection that unites you and nourish their emotional intelligence.

12. Find time to play with your children whenever they want. Let them imagine stories and follow their instructions. It does not matter if this moment is short or not. The bottom line is that it exists every day and adjusts to your children's routine.

13. Share at least one meal a day with your children.Do not turn on the television. Create a conversation by asking interesting things to your children.

14. Listen compassionately to stories about the problems they have in school, especially those related to their friends. Listening is one of the most important habits to strengthen the relationship with your children.

15. Read or sing a song to your children before sleeping.If they are too big for that, encourage them to read before sleep and be interested in the book they have chosen.

16. Embrace them to wish them good night.If they need to talk, listen to them.If they are worried, it will help them sleep.

17. See how they go before going to sleep.Even if they do not see it, it also strengthens your bond.

Janet Fackrell wrote a very fair thing: "I watch their little tousled heads, sleeping on the pillows, and the sadness comes over me.They grow up so fast … One day, I'll wake up and one of my daughters will get married Then I'll ask myself, did I play enough with them, did I take the time to be part of their lives? "Time passes very quickly. Too fast. Do not let it flow without enjoying it and strengthen the relationship with your children.

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