16 sentences of the wonderful Frida Kahlo

16 sentences of the wonderful Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was an intense, courageous and splendid woman who has left us a great legacy, not only with his paintings but also with his words, life lessons and commitment.

She revolutionized the world with her beating attitude to lifeit broke with the conventional rules of the past century not only in Mexico but around the world.

Even today, if she were alive, she would be revolutionary and break the pre-established patterns. In her day, critics and artists tried to lock Frida Kahlo into surrealism, but she never let herself be, because as she said, she did not paint dreams but her own reality.

Marked by the blows that life has brought him and by his unlimited love for Diego Rivera, his existence has been strewn with misfortunes that have never made him falter. Frida has been a woman of challenge, proud, passionate and with the limitless capacity to love.

She left us with these phrases, values ​​that go far beyond borders.

1. "Feet, why should I, if I have wings to fly".

2. "To swallow up suffering is to take the risk that it devours you from within."

3. "Pain, pleasure and death are nothing more than the process of life.The revolutionary struggle, in this process, is an open door to intelligence."

4. "Doctor, if you let me drink this tequila, I promise you to drink nothing at my funeral."

5. "At the end of the day, we can endure many more things than we thought we could do."

6. "Life insists on being my friend and my enemy goal."

7. "There is nothing more beautiful than a laugh".

8. "What does not kill me, feed me".

9. "They say surreal, but I'm not, I've never painted dreams but my own reality."

10. "Nothing is absolute, everything changes, everything moves, everything turns, everything flies and disappears".

11. "Beauty and ugliness are a mirror because others always end up seeing our interior".

12. "I tried to drown my sorrows, but they learned to swim the buggers, and now I am appalled by this feeling, decent and pleasant."

13. "There are some that are born with a star and others like stars fallen to the ground, crushed, full of blows, and although you may not want to believe it, I'm one of those who have fallen by Earth ".

14. "I used to think I was the weirdest person in the world, and then I thought, there are a lot of people like that in the world, there must be someone like me who feels strange and bruised like me, I imagine her and I imagine she too must be thinking about me If you exist and you read me, know that if I exist and that I I'm as strange as you. "

15. "I'd like to give you everything you've ever had, and even then you'll never know how wonderful it is to love you “

16. "Can verbs be invented?" I want to tell you one: I heaven youand so my wings stretch, huge, to love you without limits. "

"I feel that since our origin we have been together, that we are made of the same matter, the same waves, that we carry the same meaning in us.
Your being, your whole genius and prodigious humility are incomparable and enrich my life. In the midst of your extraordinary world, what I offer you to me is only one more truth, that you always receive and cherish in the depths of you.
Thank you for the reception, thank you to exist, because yesterday you let me touch your most intimate light and you said with your voice and your eyes what I had hoped all my life ".

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