12 powerful emotions that impact the body

12 powerful emotions that impact the body

"Only joy guarantees health and longevity"

 Ramón y Cajal, Santiago

Joy strengthens our arteries and strengthens our neurons when we are in love … And as the Romans already said "Mens Sana and Sano Corpore": Emotions are fully connected and connected to our body.

The power of emotions

The power of emotions is incredible. Good and bad emotions have a direct impact on our health and the well-being of our body. Today, we will detail 12 emotions that are directly connected to your body.

12 emotions that affect our body

1. Joy strengthens our arteries. Cardiologists, such as Dr. Michael Miller, conducted a study on a group of volunteers.

In the group that was to listen to a session of happy music, the arteries dilated up to 26%, a result also observed with aerobic music. In contrast, the sad music had the effect of reducing the diameter of the arteries to 6%.

2.  When we are in love, our neurons are reinforced. Italian studies have shown that when we are in love, we produce in greater quantities a protein that is involved in the growth and survival of certain neurons.

However, the level of this protein sometimes decreases a certain time. So, the best is … to fall in love from time to time!

3. Meditating protects our brain. A study conducted by the Université de Montréal revealed that the usual practice of meditation resulted in a magnification of certain regions of the cortex (gray matter).

This magnification results in a reduction of pain and the risk of suffering from cardiovascular events. A practice that we should all include in our way of life!

4. Anger slows healing. Researchers in Ohio (USA) have shown that anger, quarrels and anger increase the number of cytokines, substances that cause inflammation and therefore slowing down healing.

5. Fear increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers in Quebec City, Canada, have found that high levels of stress increase blood pressure and cortisol levels.

6. Like to reduce cholesterol. An interesting study asked a group of volunteers to write a letter in which they would talk about the love they feel for a loved one.

Another group was to write a letter on the theme of their choice. The cholesterol indexes were measured before and after the study and revealed that in the group that wrote the love letters, the cholesterol level had decreased.

7. Anxiety reduces our immune defenses. There is evidence that a student in a time of stress has a low level of T cells, defense cells responsible for eliminating cancer cells or infected by a virus for example.

8. Anxiety accentuates allergies. Although this emotion is not responsible for the allergy itself, it does help trigger seizures and increase their virulence.

9. Crying is good for your health. In the 1980s, researcher William Frey claimed that tears eliminated much of the norepinephrine (responsible for releasing cortisol).

Today we know that tears are loaded with lysozyme, an enzyme capable of destroying 95% of bacteria in just 10 minutes.

They also reduce stress hormones. However, not all tears are the same.

One study found that people who had cried in front of a sad movie were loaded with stress-related substances, which is not the case for people who are crying because of an onion.

10. In pre-menopausal women, stress makes you fat. Swedish researchers have shown that during menopause, stress hormones increase, which in turn generates fat accumulation in the belly and hips.

11. Good mood repairs. Indeed, the good mood releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness as well as the growth hormone responsible for the restorative functions of the body.

12. The pain increases if you are warned. It is shown that the typical phrase "it's going to hurt you" increases the pain or at least that's what a study by Radboud University in the Netherlands revealed.

The study brought together more than one hundred volunteers who were presented with the same substance. However, those who had been warned that this substance would sting them, only scratched themselves.

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