12 ideas to get the sex out of the routine!

12 ideas to get the sex out of the routine!

 "I remember the first time I made love. I always have the recipe. "Groucho Marx

Sex makes part of our life as a couple. It is obvious that at the beginning of each relationship, the desire and passion are stronger and over time, it is normal that our desire goes out a little.

But making love with our spouse is another way to communicate, to feel more united, and do not consider sex as something routine over the years, or even leave it out.

Sex is health, for our body and for our spirit. He helps us to release stress, to feel more alive and revitalized, it gives us positive energy and helps us sleep better.

In sex, there are no rules, only those that your spouse and you impose. Talking about sex in a natural way, expressing oneself with confidence and without mysteries, helps us to be happier and to make happier the one we have chosen for these moments.

If you find yourself in a bad period with your spouse, change your method in every sense of the word. Go out for a walk, tell you things.

Communication is fundamental in the couple and even if the years have passed, everything has not been said.

Laugh together again about any anecdote, give yourself a smile or a caress, remember how you fell in love, tell him what you love about him / her and sex will come alone …

12 Ideas to change your sexual routine

1. The bathtub … There is no more erotic than taking a bath or a shower with aromatized candles … Laughs on the program!

2. Eating… Playing with food can be very fun and sensual. If you have never tried, go for it!

3. Play strangers. Meet in a bar, in a park and simulate that you do not know yourself … start talking and let yourself be carried. It can be very fun.

4. The massages. Both men and women love massages and it's a good way to start … a massage with a happy ending! You will love…

Ask your spouse what he likes or not, because a foot massage may seem anti-erotic to some and exciting for others.

5. The erotic phone. Calling on the phone and telling yourself things … When you see yourself, you will be prepared. A call, an e-mail, an erotic Whatsapp can be more than stimulating.

6. The striptease. In general, stripteases please everyone. Women tend to laugh, a good way to start … and men find it extremely erotic. If you do it well, with music, the right clothes and a warm atmosphere … you can have fun …

7. Unusual places. No need to leave the house … The washing machine, carpet etc. are good ways to get out of the routine.

8. Sexual fasting. Today, sexual fasting! No kisses … We can only talk. The next day you will see the result!

9. Arrange in an original way. Do not neglect the clothes for these moments. Sex happens in many ways, through the smell, images, whispering, caresses …

And on the beach when summer comes …

The beach is a very appropriate place for sexual games, as long as we respect the rest of the beach.

10Games in the sea. Games in the sea are good for everyone, not just for the youngest. You can look for a small lonely beach so you do not feel embarrassed.

11. You put me some cream and I put cream on you … Sometimes we are angry and far from each other. Contact is fundamental to revive feelings and passions … Offer your spouse to put cream.

12. Friction makes tenderness … The beach is a good excuse to rub when lying on your towel, as it helps to come to terms.

And you … what other ideas and sexual games do you know?

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