10 tips to achieve happiness

10 tips to achieve happiness

"Happiness is inside us, not outside. It does not depend on what we have but what we are.

– Henry Van Dyke –

Happiness depends on each one of us. We are the only ones responsible for our happiness, not the others!

Happiness is inside all of us, but it can only emerge if we allow it.

If you start by practicing small changes, you will find that you will be happier. So, are you ready to start?

Here are 10 simple tips to be happy:

1. Do not confine yourself

Laugh, talk, and experience with people who bring something positive to your life and really appreciate what you are.

A good joke to relax the atmosphere or a hug can heal many things, you do not believe me?

Surrounding yourself with healthy people will make you feel better.

2. Keep living for what you love

Visit museums, go hiking, stroll, paint, write, create …

Give yourself time to do what you have always liked. It will help you feel active, alive, whole and accomplished. Do not sit on your chair watching your life scroll.

3. Enjoy the little things in life

Have a coffee while watching the rain through a window, take her child in her arms, a kiss …

All these things we do not think about, are in fact priceless. Discover the pleasure of simple things.

4. Take care of your body and your mind

Disconnect from all these technologies, your computer, your iPhone, and do a little exercise to wake up your endorphins, the source of happiness.

In addition, taking care of your body and mind will give you a healthier, more positive image of yourself.

5. Be altruistic

Altruism refers to inner happiness that can not be explained with words.

Doing things for others without expecting anything in return makes us better people, and especially happier people.

6. Learn to say "NO"

Often, we feel unhappy because we did not know how to say "no" at a given moment.

Why do you still have to live for others? Why do not you remember that "well-ordered charity begins with oneself" ?

You can not always satisfy the desires of others by sacrificing your own. Reaffirm and start respecting yourself.

7. Do not give up on obstacles

Remember that no misfortune lasts forever and that life goes on.

It's true that life is sometimes full of obstacles in its path, but there are also so many good times that help to cushion the hard knocks.

8. Meditate every day

It is proved that meditating a few moments each day helps us reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and so to be happier.

Start slowly, then more and longer, without hurry, at your own pace. The important thing is to start and establish habits over time.

9. Listen to music

Without a doubt, music soothes the soul. People who often listen to music are happier.

Feel free to listen to music when you are a little sad, tired, or lonely. You will feel its benefits very quickly.

10. Accept the fact that some things have no solutions and fight for those who still have

It is about thinking internally about this question. It's not about clinging to what you have, but to understand that everything in life is transient.

There are things that do not depend on you, because life is simply done as well.

What has no solutions will never have. Understanding this is a way to be happier.

The goal is that all these ideas find their place in your head, and you will get there.

"Happiness is to realize that nothing is too important.”  

– Antonio Gala

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