10 sentences to remember that life is beautiful

10 sentences to remember that life is beautiful

We sometimes immerse ourselves so much in our obligationsthat we end up forgetting why we came into the world, or simply put the blame on others and the opportunity to determine why. That's why we decided today to present 10 sentences to remind us that life is beautiful, that we have reasons to embrace it and give it a destiny.

So,we do not sometimes realize that what should change is not life but the perspective thatwe have some. A simple life, but lived from the heart, can be more transcendent than another made of important successes.

The sentences to remember that life is beautiful make us see that we came into the world to be happy. That obstacles are a way of learning and that each of us deserves to be good and to achieve what is proposed. This is the adventure of life.

” A life of which we have benefited by making mistakes is not only more honorable, but even more useful than living it without doing anything.” 
-George Bernard Shaw-

3 sentences to remember that life is beautiful

One of the phrases to remember that life is beautiful was pronounced by the famous Bob Marley. He expresses it in a simple manner, but quite charming. He says : "Live the life you love. Love the life you live Love is at the center of everything and it is from this feeling that everything makes sense.

For her part, Soren Kierkegaard offers us a good reflection on this subject. He underlines : "Thelife is not a problem that needs to be solved, but a reality that needs to be lived"He invites us through these words to stop living as if it were a subject present in the mind or the intellect." On the contrary, it is appropriate to engage in the experiment in a natural and spontaneous way. .

Hellen Keller, moreover, says the following: "Thelife is soit a great adventure either nothingThe word "adventure" here does not refer to a great entertainment trip, it means that it is a challenge that needs to be met with enthusiasm – a constant effort to become the best expression of ourselves.


Happiness is one of the recurring themes in phrases designed to remember that life is beautiful. This statement by Viktor Frankl puts us on a realistic level in the face of this state that we all seek but which we sometimes fail to define. He says : "Thehappiness can not beI got it by wanting to be happy. It must appear as an unintended consequence of pursuing a greater goal than oneself. “

This sentence indicates that happiness is not a state in itself, but that it accompanies a greater reality: that of seeking an ideal that exceeds the limits of the individual. That of being at a higher level: that of great values. This vision is very close to that of Gandhi, who says: "Thebonhappears when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. “

Meanwhile, Albert Schweitzer stresses the following: "Thehappiness eit's the only thing that multiplies when it's sharedHe emphasizes through this sentence that to serve others, to do something for others, increases the well-being of the human being Happiness is not an individual subject.

Finally, John Lubbock insists that each of us take an approach that allows us to be happy or not. He says : "Thehappiness is something that ispractice, like the violinTherefore, happiness is also a constant practice, a disposition to apply the will to that: to be happy.

Make our life a great experience

Among the phrases reminding us that life is beautiful, we could not omit those that show the way to discover the wonders that surround existence. Deborah Norville tells us the following: "When you are true to yourself in what you do, fascinating things happenIn other words, being oneself means that what happens to us goes hand in hand with what we like or desire.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, meanwhile, states: "The joy lies in the joy of success and in the emotion of the creative effortHere we talk about joy, one of the states of mind that characterizes people who live intensely, as Roosevelt says, one of the ways to cultivate it is to work creatively and to celebrate. fruits of this work.

William Hazlitt also offers us one of those wonderful phrases to remember that life is beautiful. He says : "Nice words, a warm book and an honest smile can work wondersHe is absolutely right: in these small gestures and sensations the essence of existence is condensed, and it is important to give them the value they have.

The important thing is to know that life is beautiful because it is the only opportunity we have to be. And to be means to know ourselves and to deploy all our potential, so as to be better and to make better those around us. The path is here.

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