10 sentences about trust

10 sentences about trust

It's always good to take the timeto read sentences about trust.An extremely important value but which tends to be very fragile. Indeed, it is difficult to obtain and very easy to lose. That's why we have to feed it all the time and find ways to bring it back when it looks like it's gone.

Etymologically, the word trust is linked to the word confidence. It contains the Latin rootcon – and the suffix– fides. So, from the point of view of its origin,this term means "with all faith" or "with absolute conviction” .

"Keep your promises and be consistent – be the kind of person that others can trust."

-Roy T. Bennett-

Trust is to believe that everything will happen in an expected and desired way.It implies hope and feelings of security, whether in one or more people, in a situation or in ourselves. Trust builds relationships and, when directed toward oneself, builds self-esteem. The phrases on trust only remind us of the importance of this great virtue.

Phrases about trust in general

Here is one of the most moving statements about trust: "Thetrust is created when someone is vulnerable and he gets no benefit from thatThis statement was made by Bob Vanourek and highlights the fact that the origin of trust lies in these worthy behaviors that are proven by concrete facts.

This other sentence, by Francis Bacon, highlights one of the defining characteristics of trust: the time elapsed. He says : "Theagesemble to be the best ally in four things; the old wood is the best to burn, the old wine is better to drink, the old friends to trust and the old authors to read ". He is absolutely right. It's time that gives us reasons, or not, to trust the people we know.

Confidence is also a global attitude towards life. This is recalled to us through one of the sentences written by Hellen Keller. She says the following thing: "optimism is the faith that leads to success. Nothing can be achieved without hope and trust” .

Similarly, Albert Einstein emphasized the fact that there are signs that show us when we can entrust or we in someone. He notes: "Wecan not not trust on important topics to the one who neglects the truth with regard to the little things. " Wise words.

Confidence in oneself

Some phrases about trust emphasize that we should primarily address ourselves in the first place. On this point, Henry David Thoreau states: "Engage with confidence in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imaginedThis is a call to believe in our goals.

William Jennings Bryan, meanwhile, offers us excellent advice to increase confidence in ourselves. According to him, we can achieve this as follows: "The way to develop self-confidence is to do what you fear and keep track of your successful experiencesThis is an excellent strategy as lack of confidence is born of fear and facing it heals us of this deficiency.

Elizabeth Gilbert also offers us one of the most wonderful phrases about trust. She says : "The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and secure trust is the reason dreams areannihilatedThis is a very insightful statement that highlights the vicious circle in which we sometimes fall: lack of trust prevents achievement, and lack of achievement undermines trust.

Trust in others

Without trust in others, we could not really live. And when we are forced to live in a climate of mistrust, our lives are significantly impoverished. It is not easy to build trust between two human beings, but it is worth it. This virtue is perhaps the most important factor for human relationships to work. This is what Stephen R. Covey says when he says: "When trust is high, communication is easy, instant and effective..

As long as trust exists, any problem can be solved. Indeed, trust itself is an element that solves difficulties, by itself. This is why, as Mona Sutphen emphasizes: "Most good relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. ".

NOTWe can not nevertheless, not idealize trust.We are human and we are exposed to error all the time. Some more than others. We are just managing to maintain absolute consistency in all our behaviors. It is likely that at one point we disappointed others.This, of course, does not include deliberate acts tending to hurt or betray.

The reality is that for trust to exist, it is enough for the people involved to be certain that they do not want to harm themselves voluntarily. This beautiful quote from Ernest Hemingway is the perfect illustration: "The best way to know if you can trust someone is to trust” .

These phrases should be re-read on trust from time to time. It's worth repeating: trust is fragile.That's why it's not unusual to lose it from time to time. We must not allow this loss to continue or grow. Trust is essential to achieving true well-being.

Trust: the "cement" of life and all relationships

Trust is the steel bond that consolidates all meaningful relationships. Learn more
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