10 interesting sentences of Jorge Bucay

10 interesting sentences of Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucay's sentences are an interesting way to approach an innovative, sensitive and thoughtful approach. This Argentinian writer and psychotherapist is one of the most read in the world today. Although this has not been spared controversy, Bucay has an undeniable place in contemporary culture.

Jorge Bucay did his initial training at the medical school of the University of Buenos Aires. He then specialized in mental illnesses and quickly became a prominent therapist at Gestalt School. Jorge Bucay is known as a writer since the eighties.Several of his books have had commercial success.

"It is my responsibility to get away from what hurts me, my responsibility is to defend myself against those who harm me, my responsibility is to take charge of what is happening to me and to know my quota of participation in facts. "

-Jorge Bucay-

Jorge Bucay's sentences make us appreciate a very human approachand deepThey are also a call to believe in oneself and that everyone takes responsibility for one's destiny. His affirmations are unquestionably a great help for reflection. Here are 10 of his most interesting sentences.

Responsibility in Jorge Bucay's sentences

Several sentences by Jorge Bucay deal with the question of individual responsibility. In this one, for example, it reminds us that it is necessary to face the consequences of actions. In other words, do not blame our mistakes or losses on external elements. He says : "I take the risks that I decide to run, provided I pay the price of these risks myself” .

This other sentence reads: "No one can have knowledge from you, grow, seek, or do what you should do. The existence sheevendoes not admit substitutesThis is another word from Jorge Bucay who invites us to take responsibility for our lives.

Overcoming suffering

Suffering is a recurring theme in many thinkers. He obviously could not be lacking in Jorge Bucay's sentences. One of them says: "We are who we arethanks to all that was lost and how we managed to cope with these lossesTo give losses and their approach a central place in what we are is very interesting.

This other sentence speaks of the power of patience to strengthen and better respond to the unexpected life. She says : "When vouIf you are patient in a day of anger, you can easily escape a hundred days of sadness . “

Jorge Bucay believes in the power of individuals to make their lives a space of realization and overcome suffering. One of his sentences gives us a key, full of common sense, to get out of trouble. She says : "When you are in a dead end, get out where you came from. “

To know oneself and to be loyal to oneself

Another common theme in Jorge Bucay's sentences is that of self-knowledge. This is what he says in this statement: "The most important step in growth is to become a connoisseur of oneself, the worst and the best” .

In addition to self-knowledge, Jorge Bucay emphasizes free will and a radical independence of the environment. He expressly states it in the following sentence: "I allow myself to search for what I think I need the world, and not to wait for someone to give me permission to get it. "

The ego and consumption

Bucay constantly refers to culture in his novels, and what he calls his "roadmaps". He is critical of certain aspects of culture, especially consumerism. One of his sentences says: "The culture of consumption has consequently created an attitude of rivalry and comparison which educates us to confront each other ” .

Jorge Bucay also wonders about the enormous exacerbation of the "me" in contemporary Western culture. He reports the following: "To the extent that we can not free ourselves from the ego, even for a moment, the representation we have of ourselves will become a prison ". A nice way to say that the exaltation of the "me" does not reassert us but catches us.

The real change

For Jorge Bucay, change is above all a transformation in the way of seeing oneself. He points out that human actions must aim to achieve a progressive reaffirmation of what each person is. Not a change to a "must be".

Therefore, one of the sentences of Jorge Bucay says: "You can only change one thing when you stop fighting withThis is a way of saying that the changes should flow on their own, so that they will tend to reaffirm the being.

Jorge Bucay's texts are simple and written in familiar terms. This has earned him many critics from many purists. It is nevertheless one of the most read authors, in other words, one of the most accepted by the public.

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