10 benefits of Chi Kung

10 benefits of Chi Kung

The chi kung or qigong is a millennial Chinese practice that translates as the art of cultivating energy to circulate adequately and harmoniously in our body. According to several studies, this is a wide variety of techniques that relate to the mind, exercise and breathing to promote a state of quiet, improve performance and generate well-being regardless of age.

This practice combines slow movements, breathing and concentration exercises. Generally, it is based on repetitions of very precise sets of movements, designed specifically to benefit the health on several levels. In fact, if it is practiced regularly, one can manage to experience certain benefits in an immediate manner.

The practices of chi kung tested in health research incorporate a range of simple movements. In addition, they include a state centered on relaxed consciousness and a variety of breathing techniques that accompany movements or postures.

The founders of chi kung were inspired by nature, animals and elements of the universe. Many methods of this practice mimic animals to acquire certain qualities which has very positive effects on health. Among them, we distinguish the breathing of the turtle, a practice invented 1400 years ago for the Taoist. They observed the impressive longevity of these animals, contemplated their gestures and their breathing and developed imitation exercises to maintain their health and prolong their lives.

By following, we will show you some of the benefits of chi kung that you must consider if you doubt to begin the practice of this discipline.

1. Chi Kung reduces stress

This is an exercise in which both the mind and body are solicited because of the combination of deep movements and deep breaths. Through his practice, both will begin to relax and this will therefore reduce the high levels of stress by promoting a state of calm and peace.

2. It improves sleep

The deep relaxation and mental tranquility obtained by practicing chi kung help to get better sleep than to enjoy it.

3. It increases the energy

The gentle and slow movements facilitate the opening of the energy in the channels of the body. So, the people who practice chi kung have more energy which is beneficial for their sexual vitality and fertility.

4. It balances emotions

Practice thechi kung promotes increased abilities such as concentration and attention. Both are essential to properly manage emotions and develop a clear and quiet mind which allows us not to live automatically.

5. It eliminates toxins

The skin, such as the intestines, is an organ that among its functions relies on the elimination of waste from the body. According to Chinese medicine,a practice of chi kung allows the body to eliminate toxins by the skin that will clarify.

6. It promotes connection with the present

The exercises carried out in the practice of chi kung are directed to the connection to the present which promotes an optimistic and joyful attitude towards life. In this way, experiencing happiness will be much easier.

7. It avoids lesions of the joints

The balance brought by the practice of chi kung learns to move the body without forcing or blocking the joints. Slow stretches will increase flexibility and lesions of the body will be avoided.

8. It speeds up recovery

It is possible to practice chi kung after an injury or surgery. Making slow movements using the intact parts helps to speed up the recovery of the other parts. This is due to increased circulation and energy flow from all parts of the body.

9. It relieves migraines

According to traditional Chinese medicine and chi kung, the loss of well-being and health is solved through energy. The latter must be in constant motion and must also be uniform. In fact, headaches occur by accumulating energy.

The practice of different exercises of chi kung therefore helps to relieve migraine because by achieving a deep relaxation, we can achieve the internal balance.

10. It helps digestion

The last benefit of the chi kung East improvement of the gastrointestinal system because it regulates and promotes contractions of the intestine in addition to accelerating evacuation and eliminating gases.There are many exercises that help tone the liver and pancreas.

We hope this list of benefits from chi kung convinced you (e) to test the discipline. Remember that there are thousands of different styles in the world. The key is to start practicing in moderation until you find the one that best suits you and your body.

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